Connecting Your Life to Our Stories

92% of Alpharetta is unchurched. Vertical Church wants to radically change this number and see people transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. In only three months as a pre-church plant, we’ve already witnessed God doing this life-changing work. It’s the man at the coffee shop whose life was falling apart but heard the gospel and now wants to be a part of Vertical. It’s the single mother we’ve come alongside to serve. It’s the blind man who takes a train 45 minutes to be with a community that teaches the Bible unapologetically. These stories are true. Imagine how they will multiply once we officially launch. By partnering with us, you get to play a part in making stories like these a reality.

God is glorified when we give extravagantly, so ask God what you should give, and listen for His direction. Your generosity will lead to lives changed, the greater Alpharetta area transformed, and the advancement of the gospel around the world. Your generosity doesn’t just buy audio/visual equipment, children’s ministry items, and first impression supplies to help us launch. It helps create a hub where people will come on a Sunday morning to be equipped and sent out to impact the world with the gospel. You can invest in more than soundboards and signage. You can be a part of investing in changed lives and world transformation.

Launch Fund Goal: $80,000

Committed: $57,825

Committed 72%
Left To Raise 28%


Launch Timeline

First Local Core Team Gathering

January 28, 2018

First Outreach Event

March 4, 2018

Location Lease Signed

April 2, 2018

Location Reveal Celebration

May 20, 2018

First Preview Service

July 22, 2018

Official Launch Day

August 12, 2018