Vertical Groups

Why Vertical Groups?


Our hope is that Vertical Church would be a community of friends engaged in gospel-centered relationships resembling the early Church (Acts 2:42). That’s why we believe it’s important for all our members to be in a Vertical Group! Active participation in a small group is critical for your spiritual health as you grow in your understanding and application of God’s direction in your life.

The primary focus of Jesus’ public ministry was not with the masses, but rather with a small group of guys that He did life with. This original group changed the world!

The believers of the early church (Acts 2:42-47) gathered at the temple and in homes. It wasn’t either/or. It was both/and. Biblical discipleship involves both worship services and times in small group.

The best way to care for people personally and intentionally is through small groups. Vertical Groups are a place not only to be known, but also loved!

Discipleship happens in relationships. Vertical Group is a place where we intentionally intersect our lives and live out the holistic Christian life. Because discipleship happens in relationships so does evangelism. Our groups will be about sharing the Christian life together and inviting people into community.

What To Expect


We believe that the Christian life should be lived out in this unique community. Our small groups will have 5 monthly rhythms:

Bible Study
We want our small groups to gather weekly to apply the sermon to their lives

Family Time
We want our small groups to share a meal together and strengthen community as they serve one another. This will most likely happen on the same night as Bible Study.

This is a week where we will break up our group into gender-specific groups for a more intentional time of care and accountability.

Missional Community
Because evangelism happens in the context of relationships we want our small groups to spend time investing in their communities by intersecting their small group with their neighborhoods. This could be a cookout or a night out. The distinction is that we want our small groups to invite their non-believing friends to hang out on this night so they can experience Christian community.

Local Outreach
Every other month we want our small groups to be engaged in an ongoing local outreach event. We believe that our greatest resource is our people so we want to catalyze our people to partner with existing organization within the city and serve alongside them.


We will focus on these specific areas:

H: Homeless
O: Orphans (Foster Care and Adoption)
P: Parents (Primarily dads. We believe that dads are the gateway to the family).
U: Unwed Mothers
D: Disconnected teens